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  • I am sometimes available for freelance if you are a nice person and have a cool Project.
  • You can also email info @ marthahipley . com.
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  • Fool's Gold was an installation I made with Carlos Ruiz for the Monster Island final block party in September 2011.
  • We decided to redesign the front room of the Live With Animals space as a Byzantine shrine.
  • I didn't have a real camera at the time so there's not much documentation, but here is one of our sketches that Carlos got pizza grease on.
  • I spent a stupid amount of time gilding lights and signs and sort of made a mess of the whole apartment.
  • And I even built this elaborate box to house one of my paintings because I was afraid of drunkies bumping into it at the party.
  • It's about my friend Seva from when he had a bike accident and was really cavalier about it. I made acrylic glazes to approximate an egg tempera effect.
  • Carlos was in Seattle at the time so he did stuff like design this tile...
  • ...which I then plastered all over the space.