Persistence of Vision



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  • I am sometimes available for freelance if you are a nice person and have a cool Project.
  • You can also email info @ marthahipley . com.
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  • Persistence of Vision was an installation I made for IRL_URL, curated by Anna Li and Morgan Shockley.
  • The installation included 2 zoopraxiscope wheels and 20 thaumatrope spinners.
  • The idea was to draw a line between early animation devices and even the lowest of animated gifs.
  • I sourced all of my references from tumblr and 4chan.
  • I made UV reactive gouache by hand especially for this project.
  • The show was in a venue I knew would have changing quality of light, so installing black lights was a means of ensuring they would pop no matter what.
  • Installation photos by Greg Paul.