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  • I am sometimes available for freelance if you are a nice person and have a cool Project.
  • You can also email info @ marthahipley . com.
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  • For summer 2015 and (and again in spring 2016), I taught a 5 week class through POWRPLNT on coding for the web. My goal was to try and get teens excited about coding by helping them make the sort of fun, playful sites I enjoyed making when I was their age, rather than grinding through best practices and syntaxes.
  • The class structure was a mix of talking through examples from other artists and makers and hands-on experience with code. I also made use of Sam Wander's project Dual and other exercises to illustrate the concepts of computation in a way that grabbed their attention and taught by doing.
  • We worked with HTML5, CSS, and Javascript/Jquery to make interactive and animated splash pages to display for the session's finally gallery presentation at Hunter East Harlem.
  • I loved working with the teens, and it was awesome seeing them get pumped to bring their ideas to life, especially as many came to the class with zero programming experience. A slideshow of some of their pages can be seen here and my lesson plans and resources are available here.