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  • I am sometimes available for freelance if you are a nice person and have a cool Project.
  • You can also email info @ marthahipley . com.
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I have a tumblr:

  • tramps-l’oeil is a concept tumblr of menswear fashion illustrations I began in December 2011. It houses over 300 paintings intended as a call-and-response narrative about tumblr fandom and the fashion industry. It began as a joke, a project to occupy time between issues of Future Husband, but became a consuming force for over two years.
  • In part it was an opportunity to learn more about traditional painting technique from the comfort of an anonymous account. I was initially more experimental with acrylics and oils but found I was more interested in focusing on precision with a combination of pigmented and dye-based inks and gouache. I learned which models and palettes and compositions gained more likes and reblogs.
  • Tumblr’s ephemeral messaging and activity tracking system has made it difficult to manage the hidden content of private messages from fans and the ebb and flow of popular posts, but my goal of meticulous record-keeping became increasingly irrelevant.
  • I really loved making the paintings week to week and especially loved the interactions with my niche fanbase. I cared less and less about gaming the system and more about making something that would be true to the kids who followed me and wrote to me about their own creative ambitions.
  • Increasingly detailed paintings meant it took longer and longer to produce each one, and, as much as I loved my little audience, I was ready to move onto something different. The walls of my studio are covered in drawings of boys, and more are stacked in neat piles.
  • I don't contribute to the blog as often as I used to, but I sometimes post things with related themes to the site.
  • A selection of paintings from the series were included in Outlet's NSFW: Male Nudes by Female Painters exhibition.