Vile Bodies



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  • Vile Bodies is an installation I did for Babycastles at 285 Kent in conjunction with Leigh Alexander's "Bad Bitches" gaming showcase.
  • I wanted to make paintings that would respond to the sort of indifferent audience I've frequently seen at openings, whether or not the audience was paying attention.
  • To accomplish this, I made my own encaustic paints with a range of melting points. The topmost layer, made with a wax designed for microscopy under arctic conditions, was delicate enough to begin to melt as the venue filled with warm bodies.
  • Each successive layer was less sensitive with the bottom layer only melting after the backlights had sufficient time to warm the boxes.
  • The images were sexual but not explicit. The effects were random and fortuitous. This crying girl was a favorite.
  • Carlos Ruiz assisted in construction and booked the accompanying show at the venue.
  • All photos by Katie Osgood.