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  • Wobble Wonder was a collaboration with Sophi Kravitz (concept, engineering, virtual Segway design), Adelle Lin (concept, 3D level design and modeling), and Takafumi Ide (concept, Leap Motion, sound effects). My own contributions were to the initial concept of the interaction, art direction, and 3D modeling & animations.
  • The project began through ThoughtWorks' Art-a-Hack as an exploration of ways to make the experience of using an Oculus Rift less isolating and more physical. By adapting a commercially available wobble board, we were able to create and affordable interface for the player to "surf" through a custom virtual world.
  • It has been shown at World Maker Faire where it received an Editor's Choice blue ribbon and NYC Media Lab's Future Interfaces event. It was also covered by Japanese Engadget.
  • The project also features a soundtrack by Imperial Topaz.
  • You can play a web demo of the world here!