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    • [ 30 Apr, 2004 | 13:20:12 EDT ]

    I went to X’s house after tennis, and we went into this crawl space in her laundry room. She had the book there, and read me some of it, but I don’t get it. She said N from Thinking Toys suggested the crawl space, but N is crazy I don’t know what anyone would take her advice.

    She gave it to me to take home. I dunno if I’ll read it.

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    • [ subject: huge haul ]
    • [ 27 Apr, 2004 | 17:20:12 EDT ]

    J and I went to Record & Tape Traders after school and I finally got In the Aeroplane Over the Sea for myself. I also wanted to get a smiths CD but didn’t know where to start, so I picked out Hatful of Hollow since it seemed to have the songs I know. Also the cover is cool.

    We ran into X and we talked about how overpriced the Radiohead EPs are at R&T. I bought the Com Lag one anyway. Then she talked J into us all getting pizza at Tony’s after, even though it’s sort of shitty there. No one else is ever there. She says she’ll lend a book to me tomorrow if I stop by her place after tennis because I just have to read it.

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    • [ 26 Apr, 2004 | 14:00:12 EDT ]

    Franny and Zooey is whatever. I didn’t really finish the second part but I took it back to the library and got Post Office instead. D was carrying it around last week so I guess it’s cool. I told X but she just seemed stressed out.

    A is such a shit, he ate half the leftover cake from dad’s birthday and then threw it up so no one gets any basically.

    J wants to hang tomorrow night but I am tired of him being so annoying about L. Whatever. I found a check from my gma from my birthday so I guess we can go to Record & Tape Traders.

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    • [ subject: tired ]
    • [ 22 Apr, 2004 | 20:00:12 EDT ]

    Dad threatened to take the iMac out of my room after my midterm grade for physics so the whole week was just hauling ass on the take home makeup test that Bowers let me do. Whatever.

    J let me use his credit card to order some stuff online from the place where he gets his Inuyasha dvds so I’m not as mad at him anymore. He wanted me to pay him a “service fee” though, what a dillweed. L wants to do something tomorrow night but no one can decide.

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    • [ 17 Apr, 2004 | 23:00:12 EDT ]

    L wanted to take photos in this lot near her house so she picked me up this afternoon. We went out by this abandoned tractor but I didn’t really want to mess with. I had to get that tetanus shot that time I slipped in the creek and I didn’t want to think about it. After that she wanted to go to hell house, and I told her J wanted to go and we should get him too, but she was being pushy. We wandered around what was left, which was not much. There were these guys though, I think they were going to hassle us. I told her she should get her car keys ready but when we got to her car again she still had to fumble around in her coat. I was so angry.

    After she wanted to get coffee but I wanted go home, what a shit day.

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    • [ subject: I can't believe it ]
    • [ 14 Apr, 2004 | 16:00:12 EDT ]

    I’m so fucking depressed. A erased my save on Final Fantasy “by accident” because he needed to make room for Sonic Heroes.

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    • [ subject: so angry ]
    • [ 12 Apr, 2004 | 14:33:24 EDT ]

    J was such a pain in the ass yesterday. He wanted to come over to work on our papers but it’s not like it helps having someone around when you’re trying to write. He was hoping L would come over to work too after her shift but she went home to actually get some work done. I think he likes her but is too much of a wuss because she is back with M now, and also, J is just a dweeb. I don’t know why L hasn’t noticed how weird he is being around her.

    In homeroom X was reading Beneath the Wheel! I told her I haven’t finished it because of all the reading for English but it’s pretty good. She said I should try Franny & Zooey and I told her I didn’t really like Catcher in the Rye that much, but she said it’s better. I grabbed it at the library when I went to print out my paper at lunch.

    J wants to do something after he’s done with debate today but I told him I have to watch A, which is not true but who cares.

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    • [ 11 Apr, 2004 | 10:04:00 EDT ]

    CCAS was fun last night. L actually wanted to stay out late and drove us around til late, but she just texted to tell me she threw up in the bathroom at the senior center so I guess that was a mistake. N had CDs they made of some of their songs for $2 but it sounds like shit.

    After the show we rememebered M is 18 so he bought black & tans for L and porn for us because we thought it would be funny to rip out the pages and throw them out of the window of the car. We drove through old EC to maximize the damage but everything there closes at 9 so no one was around. J wanted to go to hell house but I just wore my denim jacket and it was too cold out. We hung around in L’s basement for a while, there were some wine coolers left from some party but I can’t stand those. M was sort of a jerk but he’s rich I guess and always has pot for L.

    X was at the show, funny. It’s always the same people at those usually.

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    • [ 10 Apr, 2004 | 14:12:00 EDT ]

    This week was garbage.

    Thinking Toys are playing CCAS again tonight, and L says she’ll drive. I guess she is back with M, or is ok with him, or is making him jealous? The last time I saw N she said “it’s because they really like to fuck” but L never says anything like that to me. N also says I should study psychology but I’m not even sure she remembers my name. She’s kind of scary, but she’s also the best part of the band. J is in love with her a little bit, but everyone is in love with her a little bit and he’s way too much of a dweeb for her.

    Some band from Philly is also supposed to play. Maybe L will actually want to stay late, but I think she has to work tomorrow morning.

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    • [ 7 Apr, 2004 | 13:14:24 EDT ]

    Everyone forgot there was a quiz in calc today and then everyone complained. I mean why bother just take the quiz, if everyone does badly Q won’t put it towards our final grades.

    Yesterday in homeroom X was flipping throught the CD insert for the Blur Best of, kind of funny. She asked if I knew Gorillaz (“with a z”) too. She said they’re that song from that fucking Ice Breakers commercial! So creepy. I tried getting the song off Limewire last night but it sounded a lot different? I guess the one in the commercial is a remix or something. I tried searching again for a remix but the thing I downloaded was just crazy frog (why is everything always crazy frog?), and then A complained he needed to use the internet for homework and I had to get off. I guess I could ask her about it again but that’s kind of weird.

    I keep wishing I would just break my arm or something and could skip school and, mostly, tennis. As long as I take the AP tests it doens’t matter.

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    • [ subject: tired ]
    • [ 4 Apr, 2004 | 01:34:24 EST ]

    A was such a little creep at the game and whined the whole time, but whatever at least the Orioles won. I can’t believe the shit he gets away with. He got dad to get him a hat which he’ll never wear, he just wanted to get something. He got a pennant too and already dumped it on me.

    I didn’t finish my essay but emailed it to myself and finished in the library at the break. So lucky having English last period. I said I was sick and skipped tennis. I don’t think mom or dad would care if I quit, it’s not like my gear is new or anything.

    I’m finally listening to the CD L gave me with all her mp3s and it’s pretty terrible. MXPX is the worst, how do they even have so many albums! If I quit tennis I could just get a job and not have to rely on Limewire or whatever. I still can’t figure out what the song in that Ice Breakers ad is.

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    • [ subject: ugh ]
    • [ 4 Apr, 2004 | 00:54:24 EST ]

    Dad got tickets for opening day today which is whatever but at least that means he won’t be hassling me about schoolwork all afternoon. It was fun when we were kids and all but baseball is soooo slowwwwwwww. I don’t get it.

    J wanted to go to CCAS last night but L was being really annoying about that guy she has been seeing and didn’t want to run into him. He is friends with Thinking Toys I guess. I can’t even remember his name, whatever. We tried to get her to just drive us there and we could figure out a ride home, but she was moody. That place smells weird anyway, and there’s nothing to do between sets except walk over to the McDonalds for coffee.

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    • [ subject: hi mom! ]
    • [ 1 Apr, 2004 | 00:54:24 EST ]


    mom found my journal and gave me shit about it, as though I was even drinking at Kelly’s party! She won’t even admit that she read it, but why else would she grill me about last weekend? Whatever, she doesn’t know how to use the internet, so I just started this journal here. Ugh I can’t stand the word “blog,” who even says that? Also figured out how to set up a webcam so I can keep an eye on my room. Well, I can keep an eye on it from the computers in the library when I’m in there for break. I still haven’t figured out how to make it record. Do you need a url for that?

    I’m so done with tennis. G is such an asshole and made us run in the mud for an hour yesterday. He doesn’t even really know how to play so he just makes us do drills, what a waste. S offered to give me a ride after practice but then gave me a hard time about mud in her car. Why were we even friends? Just because we live near each other? I just want it to be summer and only play for fun. School is miserable enough without sticking around for an hour extra every other day.

    This week’s assignment for English is ok, I think I’ll probably like Huckleberry Finn, but I don’t even want to think about the AP exam. It’s not fun to read when we just end up having to write some bullshit essay. It’s not even like we get to think about the books, we just have to use the right format. Mark Twain would probably just quit if somebody told him he had to have 3 body paragraphs and a good conclusion.

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