hey! listen!

I have years of experience in doing lots of things related to software and the web, but my favorite kind of contracted work is collaborating with individuals and small businesses to make web sites and interactive projects that are a special solution for their needs.

my clients typically have a strong aesthetic sensibility and unique content or material that they want to share online. they also want to work small, and prefer a close relationship with someone who is open to challenge the mainstream trends of web design while thoughtfully respecting accessibility and performance. my process is about providing guidance and learning towards finding the right tools to meet your vision and giving you control over your content. my goal is to present you with code that you own and that can be easily maintained by any developer.

I like working with individuals and communities who have strong values that they want reflected in their web presence and also in their working relationships. in my web work I value transparency, affordability, simplicity, empathy, and diverse perspectives.

if this sounds like you, please feel free to check out my rates for 2021 and my FAQ, and schedule a free consultation!

let's collaborate!!