who is your ideal client?

there are a lot of website builder tools on the internet. for some kinds of projects they are great. if a website builder or pre-made template feels right for you, you don’t need me!

if you want custom control over your aesthetic presentation and content online, hit me up! if you’d like control over how your content is hosted and want to rely on open source tools, I can help! if you want to make your web project unique with custom interactive or immersive features, please be in touch! if you want to sell things online but feel like your brand needs a custom experience, I can make it happen! if you want to make something weird on the internet and have a budget, let’s talk! if you want help planning a website that is a strategic, effective presentation of your wants and needs, this is my specialty.

if you don’t know what you need, schedule a free consultation!

what is a “community” vs. “small business” vs. a “scaled business” project?

for my purposes, a small business is < 5 salaried employees and no investment funding. if you identify as a startup and have pre-seed money or are in an incubator, you fall under the scaled rate. if you are a small business who is subcontracting me for a larger business, I will quote the scaled rate.

if you are a small business or organization whose members identify as femme, queer, or BIPOC or if you are reaching out as an individual for any kind of personal project, community pricing is for you.

are you flexible on your prices?

nope! I need to make a living and only can accept projects that meet my rates.

what if I want to know how much my entire project will cost?

I’m happy to provide an estimate for large projects based on a defined scope, but I tend to find that scope creep is inevitable so I only bill hourly. it’s less drama and safer for me.

why are your prices more (or less!) expensive than the last time we talked?

if you are an existing paying client, don’t worry! your pricing has not changed (unless you’re now paying less!). these are the prices that make sense for my cost of living and availability for 2021, and will not change until I reevaluate at the end of the year.

do you subcontract?

sometimes! sometimes I will subcontract work on an hourly basis (ex., content management) or on a project basis (ex., hiring an illustrator with a particular style to do spot illustrations). when I subcontract, I will present a quote to you after negotiating with the subcontractor. I will never bill you for subcontracted work without a clear agreement from you in advance.

how do you invoice?

I send invoices for hourly billing on the 15th and last day of the month. invoices are due within 15 days. if you are under the community rate umbrella, I am happy to negotiate a payment plan to meet your needs. I send invoices via a service that allows you to pay directly via Stripe with any debit or credit card.

any 3rd party commercial licenses (for example, if you want to use an Adobe stock photo, or need to host videos for your site with a premium Vimeo account), are either purchased directly by you or prepaid by you before use. I do not pay up-front for any licenses.

I make donations to open-source projects out of my own fees.

here’s this art I like, can you copy this?

taking inspiration is great, but if you just want me to copy someone’s style (or steal a licensed image, typeface, etc.), we shouldn’t work together. if you want me to contract an artist you like to contribute to a project, I’m happy to manage that.

do you do branding?

a web design & development package includes conversations about colors, typography, language choice, and aesthetics, but I do not do logo design or other “branding” work.

why no apps?

the world doesn’t need more apps! I also no longer consult re: startup/investment world strategy or product planning.

what type of tools do you use?

it depends! I do a lot of Wordpress development because it is a well-supported tool and meets most people’s needs in a cost-effective way. I also have a lot of experience with Shopify design and development. I have experience in maintaining and repairing Squarespace and Wix sites. a special microsite or a tech-savvy client may not need a full-featured CMS at all or may need an entirely custom frontend built using other frameworks (this site is built with Jekyll, for example). I have worked on Drupal and Joomla sites, but I find those to be less common these days.

schedule a free consultation to find out what will work for your needs.

why should I pay you to host my site?

you don’t have to! there are cheaper options out there, and I’m happy to work with whatever you choose. my pricing is lower than using a premium hosting service like Squarespace, but certainly more expensive than many budget hosts. if I host your site, the advantages are:

  • never having to deal with your host’s customer service line directly or personally deal with outages
  • high quality services for less than the cost of other premium hosts
  • feeling slightly less bad about climate change because I use a carbon-offset dedicated server

If I don’t host your site, I am still more than happy to help with outages and customer service issues, but I will charge my hourly rate accordingly. 1 year of hosting with me costs the same as 1 call from me to GoDaddy to figure out why your site is down.

in the long term, I plan to invest in sustainable, independent, green infrastructure for all of my projects, and hosting with me is a way to support that process.

what is off limits?

I reserve the right to reject any projects that don’t vibe with my personal values. I don’t want unchill or abusive people or projects in my portfolio.

I also reserve the right to terminate any contract if I find out any association with harassment, hate speech, or abuse. I both care about protecting my own reputation and about protecting the needs and expectations of my other clients.

why are you explaining all of this?

after years of pricing my work privately, on a per-client basis, I wanted to explore a set sheet of rates and expectations that I can roll out as an annual experiment in setting boundaries around my labor and needs. it also means that your free consultation can be about your exciting ideas and not about covering the nitty gritty.