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An Artist's Guide to Computation

January 2017 - present

  • creative coding
  • women in STEAM
  • inclusive tech
  • accessible tech
At a glance:
  • managed online community since January 2017
  • published weekly newsletter since October 2018
  • 100s of subscribers with an avg. open rate of over 40%

An Artist’s Guide to Computation began as a community group in 2017 and became a weekly newletter in 2018 that I write and distribute. I was inspired by a twofold disconnect that I often see: that artists trained in traditional media often feel intimidated to explore cutting edge technology due to a lack of welcoming resources, and that programmers and technologists doing incredibly creative work often do not consider themselves to be artists due to a lack of a traditional arts education.

Each week, I highlight inspiring projects and educational resources, promote events, and share opportunities with a tight knit community of creative coders, artists, and technologists. In particular I try to emphasize resources by and for creators who are marginalized by the commercial and academic worlds of technology and art, as well as open calls that provide a more equitable playing field for these creators. If we want the arts and technology to have a moral compass, we need to be better at including female identified creators, non-binary creators, queer creators, and people of color. We also need to promote resources that are affordable and accessible, and be aware of the socioeconomic barriers to most cutting-edge technology.

For all its lofty ambitions, I try to keep a light and playful tone. Making things should be fun and exciting and cathartic!

It’s a labor of love that has helped me find a lot of talented & generous creators and organizers who are operating outside of mainstream tech. The newsletter content is free to all, though I encourage those who can afford it to support the work with a paid subscription.

Beginning in January 2020, I will also be hosting monthly virtual residencies in conjunction with the newsletter to promote new works by diverse creators. To be considered please email me with your name, a bit about you, and what you’d like to share.