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Varick Media Management



  • data visualization
  • ad tech
  • Angular
  • MySQL
  • d3

In 2014, when I joined Varick Media Management, one of my first responsibilities was a refresh of the UI for Alveo, the company’s new proprietary ad tech trading platform.

When I joined the team, the company’s workflow was fragmented across numerous third-party platforms and APIs and across internal teams.

A previous attempt at a unifying platform, The Lens, still relied on manual processes, and was inscrutable to all but power users. Visualizations weren’t connected to meaningful, accurate data, and even daily users had difficulty completing necessary tasks.

Before: The Lens.
Before: The Lens.

My research included general investigation into dashboard solutions, but the most valuable insights came from observing the other platforms that were part of my users’ daily workflows (ex. AppNexus). It was a fast track to learning their habits and expectations.

I worked with VMM’s VP of Product to finalize specs and develop wireframes in Balsamiq for the new product.

Sample wireframe from design process.
Sample wireframe from the design process.

The initial UI soft launched in 2015. I worked with a team of 5 full stack developers, and did all of the front-end prototyping and much of the production code myself.

Alveo 1.0
Alveo 1.0, circa summer 2015.

By the time I left in 2016, the platform was radically more useful, aesthetically pleasing, and meaningful for the users. The UI is easy enough for a new user to explore but rewards “power users” who want to dig deep into their data. My particular focus for much of 2016 was revamping the entire data visualization side to make use of customized, reusable d3 charts that I designed and coded start to finish.

Alveo 2.0 - advertiser lookup
Alveo 2.0 - advertiser lookup.
Alveo 2.0 - pixel tracking.
Alveo 2.0 - pixel tracking.
Alveo 2.0 - retargeting campaign.
Alveo 2.0 - retargeting campaign.

I also designed and coded a login animation inspired by Alveo’s apian namesake.

Login animation for Alveo.