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Local Drip Campaign

Q1 2019

  • sales
  • copywriting
  • growth hacks
At a glance:
  • 46% open rate
  • gained first accounts in the region
  • templates used for additional local campaigns

As part of my duties at Withfriends, I did lead generation, wrote copy, and managed drip campaigns for locally targeted leads. Here’s an example of a sequence of emails for a campaign targeted at leads based in Baltimore, Maryland, my hometown. As a result of this campaign, several high profile accounts onboarded to the platform, our firsts in the region, including Current Space and Red Emma’s, and the campaign had a overall open rate of 46%.

Step 1 - Day 1

Subject: Boost your organization’s income with memberships.

Copy: Withfriends runs memberships for event organizers. Even if you already run a membership program or accept donations, you can grow your organization’s income by 20% - 300% per year by selling tickets or collecting RSVPs on Withfriends. Isn’t that incredible!

As an artist and organizer myself, I’m bringing my years of experience towards making Withfriends the best tool for building a strong membership program. From a large-scale cultural center like Pioneer Works, to a small neighborhood art gallery like Paradice Palase, we’re already supporting 200 event organizers. I want you to be one of them!

Interested? Learn how Withfriends helps organizers like you at!

Step 2 - Day 3

Subject: “I’m blown away literally every time….”

Copy: “…Thank you to everyone who works so hard to put these events together!”

- Nora N., Ambient Church member

“This space is fantastic and necessary.”

- Emily D., 7 Bevidere member

“It is good to see people bootstrapping something they believe in and are passionate about.”

- Sam N., Paradice Palase member

These are just a handful of the testimonials that new members have left on Withfriends! We know that you have supporters who are just as excited about the work that you do. Withfriends makes it easy for you to find these passionate fans who are ready to support your work with a monthly membership.

Want to learn more? Visit!

Step 3 - Day 6

Subject: We care about multi-generational community!

Copy: This week my cofounders were profiled (alongside a bunch of other inspiring organizers) in a long read on Vice about the issues facing community spaces trying to survive and grow in changing cities around the country: “DIY Spaces Go Mainstream to Survive”

San Francisco is changing, and it’s important to me that the city holds onto the spaces and people that make it special. I’d love the chance to talk with you about the work you’re doing and how we can help you to run a membership program with strong results and no homework! It’s really that easy. No newsletters, no tote bags, you can just use the events you already put on to find excited members among your fans!

I hope to hear from you!

Step 4 - Day 9

Subject: No more surprise fees!

Copy: Are you worried about the pricing for using Withfriends? Unlike many tools out there, we’re totally transparent about what our fees mean for both you and your supporters.

We charge the same or less than platforms like Eventbrite, Patreon, Kickstarter, and Paypal for our unique set of features that are tailored just for organizers like you! Instead of using multiple tools with varied pricing, you can do everything you need on one platform, for less. Unlike other platforms, there’s no mysterious “processing fees” or other surprises for your supporters. We promise!

You can learn more about our pricing and start your membership program today at!

Step 5 - Day 12

Subject: Sell tickets and 20% become members

Copy: Can Withfriends help with your next gig? We think it can! Take a look!

Across 75,000 attendees at 2,500 events, 4,500 members are supporting 200 organizers

By selling tickets, any event organizer or music venue can turn 1 out of every 5 of their attendees into monthly paying members. Withfriends automates members benefits, like discounts, free entry, or advance notice for events

Why not try it out?

Learn how easy it is to start on Withfriends at

Step 6 - Day 16

Subject: Let us know how to help!

Copy: At Withfriends, we strive to build the best tools for small businesses and community organizers, and we want to know how best to help you! Do you have time to take a quick survey to let us know about your needs? We’ll even show you how much you can boost your income by using our platform, based on your responses.


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