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mood: quixotic

April 2016

  • augmented reality
  • surveillance
  • privacy
  • Three.js

mood: quixotic was designed and coded for Welcome to my Homepage’s digital residency program.

Webcam view.
The simulated “hacked” webcam.

For the month of April 2016, visitors to the site were allowed to peek into the world of Eddie, a teenage boy stalked via his Livejournal and hacked webcam by a female classmate. This subversion of the male gaze is intended to be both an unsettling reminder and nostalgic longing for an earlier time when the internet felt more innocent and bad behavior lacked a vocabulary.

Throughout the month, objects moved and changed in the webcam view of the bedroom, and Eddie’s journal revealed increasingly creepy interactions with his secret admirer.

The parody Livejournal UI.
A parody of the Livejournal UI.

I used Jekyll for the blog interface and Three.js for the webcam simulation. The handpainted UI is inspired by web interfaces of the early aughts, some of which can still be explored via online communities for viewing hacked & open webcams. All of the textures for the 3d models are hand-painted illustrations, including copies of popular CD covers, movie posters, and book covers that would be fitting for a teenage boy in the early aughts.

A hand-painted copy of the Akira movie poster.
A hand-painted copy of movie poster for Akira.