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Lead Page Redesign

Q1 2019

  • onboarding
  • user priming
  • branding
  • sales
  • copywriting

As a facet of the onboarding redesign, I redesigned the Withfriends lead page to clarify what Withfriends is. Every element of the site was considered as an opportunity to teach potential accounts and customers about our product and our brand. It was also an opportunity to roll out a new UI with a more minimal branding that allows the diversity of our users to shine, as well as an opportunity for me to refine all copy on the site to clarify our value propositions. landing, after redesign. landing, after redesign.

When visitors arrive at, the first module on the page promotes a one-liner explaining the businesses proposition, with a stats ticker that highlights the value add of using the product.

Below that, featured businesses and events help to illustrate the types of businesses who use the product as well as the types of events. Category tags on the business cards help identify the businesses to visitors who might be from other cities where they wouldn’t know the name of a given space, but might be interested to know that it is a music venue, for example.

Every page ends with an upsell module that emphasizes the value add of the product and has a CTA that begins the onboarding process. On the landing page, there is also a module to encourage visitors to sign up to the Withfriends newsletter.

The new directory of businesses using Withfriends.
The new directory of businesses using Withfriends.

The business directory serves as a placeholder until discovery features can be developed. This page serves to further the goal of illustrating the types of businesses and organizations that use Withfriends, in order to encourage similar businesses to use the product. Seeing an established and iconic business like Bluestockings in New York on this page makes businesses more trusting and excited to use the product.

The new directory of featured events on Withfriends.

Similarly, the featured events page highlights some significant events at a variety of businesses. This drives ticket sales in lieu of a full discovery system, but more importantly it encourages organizers to update their listings in the hopes of being featured. By featuring a diverse array of events, such as comedy shows, tech festivals, and book releases, we clarify for potential users that events outside of our go-to-market niche of music events are welcome on the platform.

The new primer page.
The new primer page.

The primer page begins the onboarding process by clarifying the steps in using Withfriends and once again emphasizing the value add and the types of businesses that use the product.