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User Surveys

Q1 2019

  • user engagement
  • research

After launching our open onboarding flow, it became critical to have quantitative feedback from users, as well as better segment new and prospective accounts. I designed a series of surveys to collect information from leads and get better feedback from customers and accounts. While long-form interviews with account managers and users yield amazing qualitative insights, we needed to begin to better measure the value add of new features and the cost of bugs. Additionally, we found that a quick, interactive survey that could give leads a projection of their potential revenue encouraged leads to onboard while also giving us valuable information about their business.

I designed and distributed a set of user surveys to reach various user segments:

Organizer Product Feedback

This survey is for getting feedback from existing Withfriends organizations:

Tell us about your Withfriends experience.

It’s intended to help the team evaluate which existing features have the most value for Withfriends’ accounts, and which prospective features would be most exciting. By attaching these responses to specific accounts, the team can evaluate product decisions in terms of the revenue generated by the accounts.

Member Referrals

This quiz is for getting referrals from customers directly:

Share your favorite gems!

We found that our early customers were typically cultural power users, who were devoted to their favorite local businesses. By asking them directly for referrals, we had the power to pitch to new accounts with their biggest fan already waiting to become a member.

Member Feedback

This quiz is for getting feedback from active members on the value they feel for their member benefits:

Tell us about your membership experience.

Lead Gen Survey

This quiz is for calculating estimated revenue and getting qualifier information from prospective leads, including an income projection:

Learn how Withfriends can help your organization!

I worked with the Withfriends sales team to determine which factors can be used to estimate an account’s potential revenue on the platform. I then designed questions that would get us the information we needed from an account, in a way that made sense to the account manager. In particular, any questions that required an account manager to estimate a number were roadblocks during user interviews. Our users just don’t think in terms of their stats.

The income projection calculator is based on questions users know how to answer.

For example, the value calculation required an estimate of the number of events per year an account would host, but most account managers couldn’t come up with an estimate off-hand. Instead, the survey asks them when their next event is, with multiple choice options. The sales team was able to use these multiple choice answers to estimate the value of an account, without roadblocks.

Lead gen survey - income projection only

This quiz only asks the questions required to make an income projection, for use in drip campaigns:

How can Withfriends boost your income?