about me

Martha Hipley is an artist and technologist working in digital and paint, occasionally under the brand everyoneisugly. Her work explores identity formation through the lens of fandom culture and nascent sexuality, as well as the tensions between commercial technology and human rights. In addition to being awarded a Rhizome microgrant for her project “Untitled Twitter Hack,” she is also the second best web surfer in the world. Her work in product design and user experience led her to participate as a founder of Withfriends in Y Combinator’s Winter 2019 cohort. She is currently (mostly) based in Mexico City and currently (sort of) available for new opportunities.


You can directly support my work by becoming a paying subscriber of An Artist’s Guide to Computation, by donating via Paypal, by contracting me for a project, or by buying an art object.

CV available upon request.


This site makes use of typefaces designed by Collletttivo and David Jonathan Ross. I built and maintain it with the Jekyll site generator.